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By supporting alliance building activities for Federal agencies as well as national organizations, HMS now specializes in systematically bringing people together from different sectors of society, as well as diverse backgrounds, to build a shared identity.

Due to limited resources and the on-going need to more efficiently manage funding streams, HMS fosters effective collaborations between opinion leaders, elected officials, community representatives, academia, and other stakeholders to build infrastructure that enhances policies, programs and strategies.

When your organization needs broad support for a specific issue, or initiative, HMS can help identify allies—traditional and non-traditional partners—that expand your reach and customized strategies, including:

Academic Alliances: to share research and expertise

Active Learning Sessions: to build group interaction skills and unearth new partners as well as strategies for enhancing internal/external communications

Executive Institutes: to strength the capacity of senior leaders

Organizational Consultations: to assess strengths and challenges

Community Roundtables: to build a stronger network, foster information sharing and facilitate group interaction around a common challenge

Skill Building Courses: to increase organizational knowledge and maximize the ability to apply "lessons learned"

Speakers Series: to connect your organization as well as your target audience to experts on a variety of topics

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