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HMS isn't the new kid on the block. Its president and founder, has more than 15 years of experience managing communications and marketing projects in collaboration with some of the nation's most influential health organizations. As a result, HMS is adept at developing, conducting, and evaluating initiatives designed to improve the health status of the underserved as well as racial and ethnic minority populations-which, by the way, are not necessarily synonymous.

We understand that communications planning is essential to effective marketing communications. So, we work closely with our clients to understand their primary goals and objectives and clarify the target audience(s). We also ask questions to make sure that your investment not only delivers the right answers, but has the desired impact.

Because of our experience, creating messages and materials for audiences that include professionals, media, consumers, culturally diverse populations, patients and their caregivers, policy makers, and individuals with low reading literacy is one of our specialties.

However, whatever your marketing communications need, HMS offers professional services in the following areas to accomplish your objectives:

Communications Design
Cultural Competence Review
Customer Surveys
Customer Service
Direct Mail Marketing
Events Management

Executive Coaching
Graphic Design
Health Communications
Materials Development
Media Relations
Media Training
Message Concepts and Pre-Testing

Multimedia Production
Program Design & Development
Publications & Editorial Services
Public Relations
Reputation Management
Sales Promotion
Social Marketing

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